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BillionGraves Eagle Projects

¿Cómo empiezo?

  1. Encontrar un cementerio

    • Search for a cemetery on the BillionGraves website
      • Haga clic en los pines en el mapa para ver el nombre del cementerio.
      • Haga clic en el nombre del cementerio para ver la página cementerio.
      • View the cemetery page map to see where pictures have been taken at that cemetery.
    • Search for a cemetery on your Mobile Device
      • Open the BillionGraves app and tap on the `Cemeteries` button
        • Tap a pin on the map to see the cemetery summary
        • Tap on the summary to go to the cemetery details page
        • Tap on `Headstone Images` to see the cemetery map
  2. Determine dónde tomar fotos

    • Pins on the cemetery map represent where pictures have already been taken
    • Look for a section in the cemetery that is not covered with pins
    • You may need to zoom in on the cemetery map
  3. Organize your group

    • Go out and take a few pictures before you take a large group to the cemetery so that you will be better able to answer questions.
    • Have your group register and install the app (iOS, Android) before going to the cemetery. Internet access at the cemetery may be limited.
      • Only devices that have a camera and GPS hardware can be used.
      • WiFi only iPads and iPods do not have GPS hardware.
    • Crea un evento de cementerio e invita a tu grupo a participar en el evento. (Opcional)
    • Durante el proyecto principal, el líder NO debe tomar fotografías. He/She should organize the group - be available to answer questions and direct traffic.
    • Traiga los siguientes artículos con usted al cementerio.
      • Plenty of drinking water
      • Insecticida y bloqueador solar
      • Something to completely shade headstones that are in partial shade like a blanket, umbrella or car window shade
      • Flat headed shovel to remove dirt that may be covering a headstone
      • Una botella de agua para limpiar o resaltar las letras en lápidas difíciles de leer
      • Extra battery packs if you have them
    • Teach your group how to take pictures, link successive images, and upload images.
    • You may also want to teach your volunteers how to transcribe headstone data on the app. This should only be done for headstones that are difficult to read.
  4. Take pictures

    • Keep the headstone information visible. Limpie los recortes de césped o mantenga las plantas vivas a un lado mientras toma la foto.
    • Evita lanzar una sombra. Cuando una sombra solo cubre parte de la piedra, puede hacer que la parte en la sombra sea difícil de leer en una fotografía.
    • Avoid the sun if you can. It’s not always possible, but if you can, take photos in indirect light early morning, late evening, or overcast days work best.
    • Include all important information in the photo frame. Make sure names, dates, etc. are all included.
    • Link together images of each side of the headstone that has information.
    • It works well to have your volunteers work in pairs. Each person takes a separate row of headstones. Después de terminar una fila, salta a tu compañero a la siguiente fila.
    • Volunteers who don't have a smartphone can help others who do by clearing flowers, grass or other debris off of the headstones.
    • More tips for taking good pictures
  5. Upload pictures

    • We highly recommend that you wait until you get home and connect to WiFi to upload your pictures. It'll go faster and you won't use up your data plan.
      • Haga clic en el botón 'Fotos'.
      • Haga clic en el botón 'Subir'.
      • That's all there is to it.
  6. Transcribe pictures

    • Después de que sus imágenes hayan sido cargadas en el sitio web de BillionGraves, puede comenzar la transcripción.
    • It may take a few hours after the images are uploaded until they are approved and available.
    • Después de 14 días, tus imágenes entrarán en la cola general para que cualquiera pueda transcribirlas.
    • For more detailed information about transcribing see this video and this help page.
  7. Have fun

BillionGraves Eagle Projects

Just for Eagle Projects

  1. ¿BillionGraves califica para el uso en un Proyecto Eagle?

  2. Absolutamente - On page 4 of the Eagle workbook it says: "Some aspect of a business operation provided as a community service may also be considered—for example, a park open to the public that happens to be owned by a business, but primarily benefits the community." While BillionGraves isn't a park it is a FREE service to the community that benefits thousands of people researching their family history, and cemetery sextons who spend too much time helping people find graves instead of taking care of the cemetery.

    Technically BillionGraves itself is not the project. The Eagle project should focus on documenting a cemetery and preserving the historical records found there. BillionGraves es una herramienta que se puede utilizar para facilitar el proyecto, almacenar la información y ponerla a disposición de todos de forma gratuita. Ultimately, the local council or district is responsible for determining if an Eagle project is approved.

    Each Eagle project that uses BillionGraves may vary distinctly in the details. Some boys may decide to only take pictures, others may take pictures and transcribe the information themselves, while others may also decide to clean headstones, erect a veterans memorial, etc.

  3. ¿Cómo empiezo?

    • Descargue el Libro de trabajo del proyecto de Servicio de Aguila.
    • Find a cemetery to document.
    • Fill out the Contact Information and Project Description and Benefit information in your workbook.
    • Get your Unit Leader, Unit Committee, Beneficiary and Council or District approval signatures (Proposal Page E).
    • Plan and Organize your project.
    • Lleva a cabo tu proyecto
    • Write up your Service Project Report.
    • Get your Unit Leader and Beneficiary approval signatures (Project Report Page C).
    • Schedule your Board of Review with the Council or District leader.
  4. Who is my project beneficiary?

    • Cualquiera de los siguientes puede ser su beneficiario:
    • Cementerio Sexton o Gerente
    • Miembro del consejo de la ciudad o empleado a cargo del cementerio
    • BillionGraves Contáctenos

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